Do Business on Facebook.

Our social marketing tools get you plugged-in to Facebook to drive
more sales and amplify word of mouth. It's time to get dialed-in.

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Start Marketing on Facebook

Half the planet is on Facebook. Set up a simple 'landing page' to let people know you are too!

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Run Promotions on Facebook

Offer customers coupons & gift cards on Facebook. Watch your 'like' count grow and your register ring!

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Flash Sales on Facebook

Reward social fans by offering exclusive flash sales and specials. Watch the loyalty grow!


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What is SocialGuides?

SocialGuides is a social marketing platform for small and medium sized businesses. We help you put the power of Facebook to work as a new sales channel. We aim to make it dead simple to use Facebook for business - getting and keeping customers.

Use the SocialGuides Sales product to build a powerful prepaid loyalty deals. Don't need a full loyalty system yet? The SocialGuides Promotions product allows you to offer incentivized social coupons on Facebook and get likes and new customers at the same time. Just need the basics? Use the SocialGuides Welcome Tab to welcome your new fans and encourage them to opt-in by liking you.


Why SocialGuides?

  • Easy two-step setup. Be up and running in minutes.
  • Promotions on your terms. No ridiculous margin sacrifice.
  • No rented customer lists. Get your own customers.
  • No customer confusion. Transact fully within Facebook.
  • No added services needed. Merchant account included.
  • No more guessing. Real Results. With built-in analytics.
  • No wasted time. Easy campaigner scheduler included.
  • Empower your customers. Let them do the talking.
  • No Snake Oil. No consultants. Facebook - for REAL business.

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Facebook Landing Pages

More fans = more potential customers. Get more likes by offering exclusive fan-only content. Our Facebook HTML landing pages makes it easy for you to CUSTOMIZE the social experience by offering unique custom pages (HTML, Images, and like templates) differently to both fans and non fans (great for ad campaigns, contact forms, etc).

87% of SMB Marketers are Using Facebook

Facebook Promotions

Start offering COUPONS and GIFT CARDS directly on Facebook. Setup is simple - define the coupon discount or card value and click save. Your promotions will be live on Facebook in a matter of seconds. You can turn the promotions on and off at any time.

You can also log-in to and see our redemption manager, which shows you everyone who has activated a Facebook coupon and lets you indicate which of your fans redeemed the coupons.

What makes our promotions unique is customers have to 'like' you to get the coupons and gift cards. That means every coupon comes with a little word of mouth marketing built right in. How's that for social marketing…

Facebook Sales

Support prepaid purchases on Facebook. Start offering your Facebook fans exclusive merchandise and sales.

Ready to introduce a new product? Sell it to your fans first giving them something to talk about. Thinking about having a special event at your venue? Sell tickets through Facebook to help get the word out. Have some excess inventory? Run a deal for your fans as a reward for their loyalty and support.

Its like the best of Gilt Groupe or Living Social without the expensive haircut.